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CURRENT PHYSICAL ON FILE:   BEFORE  trying out for an AHS sport or conditioning program, you MUST HAVE a physical on file in AHS Athletic office dated since May 1, 2019.

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 BEING ACADEMICALLY ELIGIBILITY:  The VHSL requires that in order for an athlete to be academically eligible to participate on a VHSL team, they MUST HAVE PASSED 5 CLASSES FOR CREDIT in the previous semester.  For FALL & WINTER SPORTS - this would be 2nd Semester of the previous year + Summer school credits; for Spring sports, this would be 1ST SEMESTER!  INCOMPLETES DO NOT COUNT AS CREDIT!  Therefore, ANY MISSED WORK must be completed with a grade and in the computer at the time grades are checked for eligibility. KNOW THE RULES -  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – ACADEMICS FIRST!

WHAT IS OUT OF SEASON PRACTICE (OSP) ?  In compliance with ACPS, Albemarle teams follow the 15-15-10 RULE .  This rule allows each team to conduct optional sport specific out of season training for 2 active windows during the school year (15 days each) and one 10 day active window during the summer (exception:  VHSL Dead Period and Sundays).  Teams may offer unlimited opportunities for conditioning - weight, strength and cardio training.  Participation in ANY of these opportunities are NOT required and have no influence on a student's status on the team. This is simply an OPTION for those interested to get in shape and improve their skills.  NOTE:  ANYONE participating or wishing to try out for a sport's team must have a current VHSL physical on file dated since May 1, 2019.  CONTACT the coach of your sport for info on OSP opportunities.